Partnering with Westpac


Specialised Westpac Financing Solutions


Specialised Westpac Financing Solutions:

Embark on your journey to owning a Transportable Home with ADH, made even more accessible through our partnership with Westpac. We understand that financing a Transportable Dwelling is a unique process, and together with Westpac, we offer specialised solutions for your Relocatable House.

ADH, in collaboration with Westpac, brings you tailored financial solutions for your Transportable Building. This partnership ensures you have access to competitive financing options, catering specifically to the needs of Removable House and Portable Home buyers.

Guided Financial Journey:

Purchasing a Transportable House is a significant milestone. Our team, supported by Westpac’s financial experts, guides you through every step of securing the right financing. From understanding the nuances of Relocatable Building loans to creating a feasible repayment plan, we’re here to ensure a smooth and transparent financing experience.

Westpac piloting home loan scheme for prefab homes

Westpac New Zealand chief executive David McLean said easier mortgage finance should help put New Zealanders into warm, well-designed, affordable houses that would otherwise have been out of reach.

Benefits of Choosing ADH and Westpac:

  • Expert Financial Advice: Gain insights from both ADH and Westpac experts, specialising in Removable Building financing.
  • Customised Loan Solutions: Tailored financing options that understand the uniqueness of financing a Portable Home.
  • Streamlined Process: Together with Westpac, we simplify your journey to financing your transportable home.

Start your adventure with ADH and Westpac today. Embrace the ease of securing financing for your dream transportable home. Contact us to explore your options and take the first step towards your dream home.

Financing Your Dream Transportable Home with ADH

Your ADH Transportable Home Dream, Powered by Westpac Financing!  Ready for an ADH Transportable House? With ADH and Westpac, financing your dream home is simpler than ever! Dive into our specialised financing solutions for Transportable and Relocatable Homes and discover how we can help you.