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Advantage Designer Homes

Experts in construction and relocation

Advantage Designer Homes specialize in building quality, affordable homes transported all over the north island 

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Advantage Designer Homes manufactures and relocates 1 to 6-bedroom homes. You can choose from our large range of design builds and we are able to customise them to your requirements– this is tailored to your budget and timeframes. Quality is of the utmost importance, as every home built comes with a 10-year warranty.

Building a home – big or small can be a stressful time, and ADH wants to make it as stress-free as possible. This is achieved by our expert team and purpose built yard to save you time, money and stress when building your home.

If you require extra space for family, or if you have bought the perfect piece of land and want to soak in the views as fast as possible, then ADH can help you.

We have the knowledge and skills for every job.


We have the knowledge, equipment and the right people for the job

Here at Advantage Designer Homes, we aim to provide an enjoyable building experience. We pride ourselves on quality, affordable and timely turnaround builds.  This is why every home built by us comes with a 10-year Structural Warranty, delivered to the site ready for onsite connections.

There are some important aspects to consider when you are looking for a new transportable house.

The number of bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas you require. You’ll want a house with a layout that can be orientated on your site to take full advantage of the sun, your budget considerations and transport costs.

Choosing your design is one of the most exciting stages of building a new home. 

We offer a variety of home layouts and designs for you to choose from with a great standard range. While also offering flexibility in the design approach allowing you to upgrade parts of your build where you want too.

With our knowledge of both the home building and transportation side and our very own in-house transportation company, we can take you through our process.

Share with you valuable buyer information and let you know other costs to consider when looking into a transportable home.